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This page is for collaborative work on Canton or City projects (e.g., Pennsic projects, taxes).


Supplementary Tax Project

As folk may recall, the additional taxes this year, proposed by our revolting brethren (and sustren) who demanded more, were to produce something that will contribute to the war effort (either on the field of battle or the commissariat) and best represents the essential nature of the canton.

Eoforwic decided that our essential nature that we wanted to represent through this tax was "Teamwork" and that we would express it by provisioning a unit of 6 with 5 items each (totalling 30 for Septentria's 30th anniversary) . This unit would represent the various different martial disciplines and be composed of:

  1. a "heavy weapons" fighter
  2. a fencer
  3. an archer
  4. a thrown weapons combatant
  5. a youth combatant
  6. a member of the commissariat

Some of the items might be common among all or most of the unit (e.g. tabards, banners, water bottles). Others would be individual to a particular one (e.g. war door, arm guard for archer). Where a number of the same or similar items are being produced we could organize a workshop session/class and produce them together as a learning experience for the canton. having a wide variety of items will allow a large number of citizens with a variety of skills to contribute.

The taxes are due at next Baronial 12th Night for use at the following Pennsic.

This page has been set up to facilitate collaboration and coordination and is a place where people can propose ideas at to what the items produced shall be, discuss those ideas, volunteer to produce them, arrange production sessions, report on progress, etc.

Potential items

Here is a listing of potential items for the vaious unit members. Feel free to add your own here and discuss them on the discussion page. Once we have consensus around an item there, I'll indicate it here.

Armoured Combatant

  • War door - confirmed
  • Spear and/or spear pennant
  • Tabard
  • Bottle of mead
  • Banner
  • Armour stand
  • Water bottle

Rapier Combatant

  • Baldric or "butt-flap".
  • Banner
  • Bottle of mead
  • Water bottle
  • A cloak (for those rapier and cloak fights) or some other off-hand item?


  • leather arm guard
  • arrows
  • quiver
  • tabard
  • banner
  • bottle of mead
  • Water bottle

Thrown Weapons Combatant

  • something to carry the weapons?
  • tabard
  • banner
  • bottle of mead
  • Water bottle

Youth Combatant

  • sword
  • shield
  • tabard
  • banner
  • water bottle


  • tabard or apron?
  • banner
  • water bottle
  • small barrel
  • shade
  • towel
  • pickles (eggs or someting else)
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