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I am a 3rd year UofT student (proud to be one). Doing my specialist in CompSci - SoftEng at StG campus. Joined Eoforwic just a year ago. Particularly interested in heavy fighting, but currently busy with a huge course load, so there's no time for practises left. I greatly enjoy everything in Eoforwic, especially stories about all kinds of places and events I haven't been to (yet). Currently I'm thinking of changing my persona's name to Hallvard and recreating Finland or Norway of about 11th century. Thanks to Eoforwic I got my primary authorization this fall at Feast of the Bear. Because of my busy schedule I'm of no use to Eoforwic now, however this will change and I have a plan how to bring my share of honor and glory to these lovely people (but first of all I'd like to bring even more fun then they usually get... if this is possible at all).

Max of Eoforwic 02:13, 27 January 2007 (EST)

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