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Thorolfr inn Smithr is a leading member of the Royal Citie of Eoforwic.

Thorolfr is a noted heavy combat fighter. He is a siege artillerist, a carter and a maker of many useful and functional devices. He has served as Captain of the White Tower for several years and has participated in the various Corporals' courses conducted by the City Guard. Accordingly he is a Corporal Major in the City Guard. He has served as Lord Mayor of the Royal Citie and now is an Alderman.

Most especially by his deeds at Pennsic XXXIV, Thorolfr was acknowledged to be of the blood of Aeden o Kincora and bears the name Aedenesbrother.

The famous Rings of Draupnir were forged in Thorolfr's forge.

Thorolfr became known as a leader among the Norse fighters within the Royal Citie. Several Norse or Norse-inclined fighters formed a household based on the model of a Norse ship's crew. Thorolfr was recognized as the tillerman of this crew, and gathered around him such Eoforwic stalwarts as:

  • Bjarn
  • Alfrikr
  • Grom

Thorolfr is a leader, an artisan, a warrior and an exemplar to all Northmen. He is one of the reasons any Eoforing can say with pride, "It's good to be us".

Thorolfr is also the administrator of this website.

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