Piero di Paxiti da Vincenza

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Joined the SCA in 1990, and was awarded an AoA in 1994 in the Middle Kingdom under the previous name "Blain Sylvanus" (as whom he created the Eoforwic Virtual Tour, based on an inspirational illustration by Robert of Two Cliffs).

Known outside the SCA as Peter Westergaard, a consultant who works in the Toronto area, Piero has slowed his involvement to only a few events per year as of 2008.

Piero has studied, tried, enjoyed, and in some cases abandoned, the following list of hobbies within the SCA (in more or less chronological order): archery, sewing, dancing, embroidery, fencing, brewing, calligraphy, illumination, cryptography.

Piero retains Blain Sylvanus's arms as registered in 1994 within the Middle Kingdom: Argent, a bow fesswise drawn and with an arrow nocked sable within an orle vert semy of acorns Or. (See the SCA's Ordinary and Armorial website)

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