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Magestra Nicolaa de Bracton of Leicester is one of Eoforwic's leading citizens. Nicolaa is a 12-13th century Anglo-Norman who was Born in Leicester and currently resides in London.

Originall known as Rigunth af Bern, Nicolaa came to the SCA in the Middle Kingdom, in the distant Barony of the Cleftlands. When her schooling led her to the University of Toronto, Nicolaa became active in Eoforwic.

Nicolaa has served in numerous offices:

Nicolaa is one of Ealdormere's original fencers and fencing marshals. She is an archery marshal and a great archer.

Nicolaa is a Laurel, specifically for Research (which is a rare category indeed). She is also a Pelican for her service to the Kingdom and the Society. Rather than use the honorific "Mistress", she is pleased to be entitled Magestra Nicolaa. Her household, with its strong focus on research and study, is known as the College of St. Nicholas.

While studying at the university, she met and married Lord Gunthar Wallenstein von Bremen.

Nicolaa has served as Lord Mayor of the Royal Citie. Thus she now is an Alderman.

Magestra Nicolaa is one of Eoforwic's exemplars and one of its most valued citizens. Her contributions to the Canton, Barony, Kingdom and Society as a whole are unequaled within our populace. She is a generous teacher, esteemed counselor and faithful friend to all.

Nicolaa is knowledgeable of Fletching, Calligraphy and Illumination, Costuming, Embroidery, Pewter Casting, Tablet Weaving, Wire Weaving, Heraldry and Event Management. Not satisfied with that extensive list of activities Nicolaa is interested in Period Fletching, making her own bowstrings, Leather working and Carving, Bookbinding.

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