Niall the Victualler

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As far as Niall is concerned it's 689 and Aldfrith has been king of Northumbria for 4 years now, bringing a golden age of artistic enterprise. Niall isn't an Angle himself, but the current king is better than most.

Niall is native Briton and speaks an early form of English (still unwritten and likely not called English, but maybe 'British'). Yes, English. If you really care, you can ask me about it. He gets his Gaelic name from his Irish mother, who was part of the staff of irrelevant people King Aldfrith's Irish mother travelled with when she became entangled with Aldfrith's father.

Niall is a nobody, but is a free Ceorl (pron. churl; basically a peasant) and makes his way as best he can. As the cook for the Peasant Army, he's earned the tag Victualler (pron. vittler).

He's happy to be living in the great Anglian City of Eoforwic now. Currently, he works on improving his lifestyle and puttering away at building and playing a saxon lyre.

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