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Hector of the Black Height is a west-islands Scotsman born around 1273 C.E. He once saw William Wallace from a distance, at the front of a large, darkened hall, and Hector was amazed by the size of his hair (and the Wallace's resemblance to a fellow from Lochac named Gibson).

Hector started attending Eoforwic meetings before Pennsic XV, though his first event was an Eoforwic event a year or so before. He was brought into the SCA by members of House Eagleshaven and was a member of the first iteration of that household until Master Sylard of Eagleshaven dissolved his household, the same day Aeden o Kincora and Caffa Muraith stepped down as Baron and Baroness of Septentria. On that day Hector, who considered himself a bondman to Master Sylard, coincidentally gave gifts to Sylard and "bought his freedom" before House Eagleshaven was dissolved. As a bondman, Hector had decided he was not free to swear fealty; since then, for reasons related to his tribal approach to the great game, he never has sworn fealty.

Hector learned to fight at Eoforwic practices under Aeden and Caffa. His first War was Pennsic XV. He has fought in every Pennsic since. He is a Corporal Major of the Eoforwic City Guard and has been on staff at every one of the Corporals' Courses run by Eoforwic. He is not a "fast stick" and his skill-at-arms is mediocre, in part due to an old thumb injury and a recent knee injury (non-SCA related) and mostly due to lack of practice (exacerbated by the thumb and especially the knee). He enjoys melee combat and has studied it for years.

On the Market Day Baron Aeden opened the White Bear Fian, Hector stated his intent to challenge into that group. Aeden then called, "Dogs and slaves out of the hall!" so Hector, as Sylard's bondman at the time, left and didn't fight.

Hector's primary focus in the arts and sciences is bardic arts, with additional interest in medieval military history. He has an abiding interest in the customs of various SCA groups, the effect these customs have on game-play and what these customs say about how and why people do what they do within the SCA. In addition, under the patient tutelage of Corwyn Galbraith and Domhnail Galbraith, Hector has started making useful articles from bone and antler. He has a single calligraphic hand, a "quick'n'dirty uncial", and is reasonably proficient in writing and reading common runes. He has carved ogham in the past but did not enjoy it. He enjoys writing essays on SCA-related topics -- particularly SCA anthropology and history -- for newsletters.

Hector served as Group Marshal In Training for the College of Skeldergate for about a year and a half, around 1994. He is very proud that the new fighters he taught in "the dojo" have included three Kings of Ealdormere, four members of the Chivalry and a Kingdom Earl Marshal.

Hector found himself, as an unexpectedly activated "drop-dead deputy" (the autocrat he was understudying did not die, merely was unavailable to attend the event on no notice), one of the co-autocrats of Pennsic XXIV. Thus he is the only non-American autocrat of a Pennsic War. He remains grateful for the experience thus provided and has no intention of repeating it, ever again. To date that is the only event he ever has autocratted.

Hector was made a Laurel for bardic arts by Ronin and Katya of the Midrealm at Pennsic XXI. He was made a Pelican by Osis I and Valthjona of the Midrealm at the War Practice before Pennsic XXIV. He was made a Baron of the Court of Ealdormere by Berus I and Marion I of Ealdormere. As of Pennsic XXXV, at the pleasure of Baron Perceval and Baroness Christiana and through the exercise of bardic prerogative by Cynred Broccan, he bears the by-name Aedenesmun, "the memory of Aeden".

Hector has numerous apprentices, protégés and protégées. Given his non-feudal approach, he thinks of these people as his belt-sons and belt-daughters. Two of his former apprentices, Viscountess Ragnheithr Thorbjarnardottir and Olagh Garraed Galbraith, respectively became the first Laurel (indeed the first Peer) ever created in Ealdormere and the first bardic arts Laurel ever made in Ealdormere. They both have apprentices and one of them (Master Martin Bildner, Heithr's belt-son) has been elevated to the Laurel, so Hector has belt-grandchildren and expects great-grandchildren soon.

Hector is reputed the worst-dressed Laurel in the Known World, counting all Kingdoms (and according to Olagh Garraed, at least one spare, non-SCA Kingdom somewhere in Scandinavia). He believes tartan is colour-neutral and thus goes with everything, including other tartans.

Over the years Hector has served as bard to the courts of Princes and Kings, as a General of the Midrealm Army and as the back-guard of the Qon of Ealdormere. He has done many wonderful things, has met many, many amazing people and continues to have fun.

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