Grom of Eoforwic

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Grom Meinfretr aka. Grom of Eoforwic

Armoured combatant, Thrown Weapons Marshal.

Joined the SCA in December 2005. Norse period, roughly 1000 AD. Primary interest is armored combat, other interests include Thrown Weapons, woodworking, leatherworking and armorcraft. Items manufactured include; plastic, leather and steel armor, weapon racks, tent poles, benches, wooden chests and boxes and leather pouches.

Authorized Weapon forms;

Sword and Shield - February 2006

Dagger - May 2006

Combat Archery - July 2006

Accomplishments and Awards;

Award of Arms - November 2006

Kingdom Thrown Weapons Champion - 2007

A member of House Runestone.

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