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Authorization types:

  • W/SH - Weapon and Shield
  • DGR - Dagger aka single handed thrusting
  • PA - Pole Arm
  • SP - Spear aka two handed thrusting
  • GS - Greatsword. Swords over 48 inches in length wielded with two hands
  • TW - Two Weapons
  • CA - Combat Archery
  • SW - Siege Weapons

In the comment field:

  • M - Murder Melee in the Meadow
  • T - War of the Trillium
  • P - Pennsic War
Name W/SH DGR PA SP GS TW CA SW Marshall SW Marshall Comment Auth Card Exp Date

Active Guardsmen
Ailis of Eoforwic X X X X
Alfrikr of Eoforwic X X X X X
Alof of Eoforwic X X X X X
Angus Albahni X X X
Bjarn Thorolfson X X X X X
Brynjolfe of Eoforwic X
Grom of Eoforwic X X X
Hans Thorvaldson X X X X X X
James MacDonald X X
Pelayo of Eoforwic X
Sir Aelwyth the Grey X X X X X X X X X
Meryck X
Jocelyn Roget de Cranewell X
Rorikr X
Semi-active Guardsmen
Gunther Wahlstadt of Bremen X X X
Hallvard of Eoforwic X
Inactive Guardsmen
Elanna of Eoforwic X Injured
Sara of Eoforwic X Injured
Agnar the Goth X
Tentative Guardsmen
Brother Henrik X X X
Guardsmen in Training
Nicolaa de Bracton
Gunnar Halfdan of Lund

Limited Term Guardsmen
(none at present)
Recent Former Guardsmen
Hani X
Justinian Clarus X X X X X X (Spear at Pennsic 36)
Hersh of Eoforwic X
Marsaili inghean Aoidh X X
Toki X
Ludwig von Eisengrim X X X X X
William The Younger X
Current Captain of the White Tower
Thorolfr inn smithr X X X X X X X X X T P 2011-06-30



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