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Brother Henrik initially joined the SCA in the Canton Der Welfengau (in Guelph) under the moniker, Njall, and focused primarily on the Viking explorations of Vinland. After 11 years, and having moved to Eoforwic (but fighting in Skeldergate), he retired the persona and became Njall's son, Henrik. His new focus is on the development and roles of religious orders other than the Benedictines (particularly the military orders of the Crusades) and hagiography (the study of saints). With the emergence of a stronger fighting force in Eoforwic (and the birth of his two sons) Henrik has also ceased travelling northward for weekly fight practices and sometimes manages to make it to one of Eoforwic's.

Njall was a member of Arminius The Footsore's Peasant Army of Ealdormere and granted an "Award of Peasantry" from Baron Cynred and Baroness Gaerwen of Septentria to affirm his low status (his only other award was a Bear Claw from Baroness Adrielle). Henrik has taken up the mantle his father left behind as best he could -- given that most members of the army have been elevated to noble ranks (via AoAs) or simply fallen out of contact with each other. Henrik wears the army's insignia of a white caltrop on a green field on the front visor of his helm. His shields are currently unpainted but often incorporate these arms and/or white diamonds on a red field (in support of the scouts of Ealdormere and of Septentria) and/or golden scallop shells based on the historical insignia used by pilgrims to the Holy Land.

Henrik's first foray into meleee combat was (as Njall) in AS 32 as part of the Skeldergate contingent of Prince Berus' army at Pennsic. Today he often fights alongside baronial or canton melee teams and occasionally in individual tourneys. As a dedicated (but limited) shield man, he will always be at the fore of any charge and, by grace, might actually remain standing or miraculously deliver a successful blow to an opponent.

In addition to fighting, Henrik has compiled a researched autobiography (and will share it with anyone who's interested) plus he is willing to assist with demos on occassion to help eductae non SCAdians about the SCA or medieval history (as required). He also has ideas for A&S projects but he never finds/makes time to start or complete them. As he and his sons age, archery should start to again feature prominently among his interests (but he has to get a new bow first).

Brother Henrik may be reached by e-mail at

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