Besa of Eoforwic

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Besa (commonly called Bess, occasionally Bess the Bouncy) is a fourth-century Copt. She joined the Society in A.S. XLII and made her name that same year at the fall crown tournament. While she no longer gives interesting new titles to royal peers, she still enjoys honing her heralding skills. She also enjoys sewing (poorly) and researching medieval Egyptian language and culture.

The best way to kill her is to wave a cat in her face.

She received her award of arms this year at fall crown. The scroll reads:

Listen and pay heed to your King and Queen

Be it known that We, King Etain, and Valfreya your Queen, wish to recognize Besa of Eoforwic - We demand that you all pop the cork and raise an glass to the heralding skills that even a duke can love - We see fit to bestow upon her the right to bear arms within Our Society and charge her with this and all its responsibilities - Done this twenty fifth day of October, AS XLIII at Our Crown Tournament - Set by Our hands and seal while in Our Barony of Skraeling Althing

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