Ailis of Eoforwic

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Member of House Marchmount

I have been in the SCA for three years now, and greatly enjoy it. My SCA-related interests are fighting, sewing (though I claim no skill there!) and singing. When I have a bit more time, I would like to do some work with the bardic arts/song crafting, heraldry, and perhaps leather. Right now my mundane life (PhD student in philosophy) prevents doing much else.

Hans Thorveldson added the following: AOA Reads: Hear now the words of Malik, King of Ealdormere, and of Genevieve, Our most gracious Queen: Great are the peoples of Ealdormere, and even so is Ailis of Eoforwic, one with the likeness of an elf, but the heart of a lion. Her Eagerness to learn and cheerful disposition make her a pleasure to cross swords with and to teach. Her enthusiasm for the art of the great sword is wielded with courtesy and honour, which proves her to be a warrior, and, more importantly, a Lady. Therefore, We bestor upon her the Award of Arms. Done by Our hand and seal at Feast of the Bear in Our Canton of Eoforwic, the 6th of November, A.S. XXXIX.

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